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Saddle Fitting
A well fitting saddle is the connection between horse and rider, a saddle which is ill fitting can cause discomfort and may result in performance, behavioural and health issues. A rider who is compromised by an unsuitable saddle can inadvertently disrupt the balance of the horse and rider amongst other problems.

During a saddle fitting consultation I will take templates of your horses back, check and record current details of you, your horse, saddle(s), weekly exercise routines and make a plan to keep you and your horse connected so you may achieve your goals.

I can onsite rebalance a saddle through flocking, change widths with gullet bars or a saddle press if your saddle is designed to be used with one to adjust width. I will request to see your horse ridden, if this is not possible for whatever reason please let me know before your appointment. (Riders to be suitably dressed with up to standard riding hat and appropriate footwear). A flat, level surface is needed to assess the saddle being ridden and a jump if applicable. I can facilitate consultations at my yard in Goring on Thames if you do not have a suitable area to ride.

Saddle fitting consultation per horse £40
Gullet bar £30, exchange for your old one £20
Onsite gullet press adjustment £20
Onsite flock rebalancing £10-40 depending on amount required
Travel charge 50p per mile round trip from Goring on Thames

New and Second Hand Saddles
If you are looking for a new or new-to-you saddle I have access to a good supply of both. A selection of second hand saddles can be found here, new saddles can be discussed on your requirements. Second hand saddles are available to purchase directly from the shop pages as well as being brought to fitting consultations.
Saddle Fit Consultation Information

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