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Saddlery Repairs
Equestrianism is classified as a high risk sport, simple tack checks when using or cleaning your equipment can help to minimise risk and accidents. Things to look out for include the following.

Dry, cracking or thinning tack.
Dry leather is at risk of snapping, well fed and nourished leather fibres are incredibly strong. Cracks or thinning leather means there is a visible weakness or that the fibres have stretched, again a high risk of the item snapping.

Stretched punch holes.
In use bridle and girth strap holes in particular can stretch and pull with pressure and wear. Most of these are easily replaced to give the items a well needed safety boost.

Bent, broken or rusty buckles.
Easily replaced most of the time so the metal particulars do not score, cut or fray the leather or other saddlery materials.

Stretched elastic.
Another that can be easily replaced, stretched and worn elastic gives little to no strength or support where designed to.

Broken stitching.
Best caught and repaired quickly as especially with stitching on a sewing machine, the stitches either side can become loose and come undone. 

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