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Bridle Fitting
Your bridle is your tool for communication with your horse. With ongoing research and aims to keep horse welfare a top priority, bridle design and bespoke fitting is increasing in demand.

When I come to you for a bridle fitting, I can either use your own current bridle for measurements or my own design of hire bridles to mix and match to get the best possible fitting with the most appropriate bridle parts. Headpieces and nosebands can be altered from a current design or designed from scratch from your horses needs.

A hire bridle can be left with you to try over a week and use the different nosebands available for you to decide which is best for your horses needs in different scenarios. At the end of the week this can either be returned to me by you to my address or I can come back out to your yard with your new chosen bridle (if in stock) for mileage charge.

Bridles can be made in the manufacturing factory or handmade by myself. Lead times are approximately 8-12 weeks from order payment. 

Bridle fitting consultation per horse £40
Travel charge 50p per mile round trip from Goring on Thames
Factory made bespoke bridle £299.99
Hand made bespoke bridle £POA
Bridle Fit Consultation Information

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