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BIGG COMFORT STANDARD HEADPIECE (Design registration number 6016620) Our copyrighted headpiece is designed with ultimate comfort for the horse in mind. The wide area over the poll disperses pressure over a large area. It is supremely cut away from the ears so that the ears can move freely in any direction. The innovative browband padding relieves the head of any irritation pressure or rubbing from the browband and takes pressure away from the face and the sensitive TMJ nerve.. The headpiece is designed to be snaffle to double convertible with the addition of a headslip and extra set of cheekpieces, simply put the headslip through the three neat straps on top of the headpiece and attach the throatlash, leaving the main straps for the cheekpieces and noseband. As all of the side straps are the same width you can adjust which fixing is situated on which strap suits your horses needs. The new and improved version 3 Bigg Comfort standard headpiece has curved shape around the ears giving even more clearance and a neater poll piece perfect for horses that prefer a larger surface area over the headpiece but a smaller distance between the ears. Whole bridle including arrow grip reins. COMFORT JOINTED DROP This new updated drop noseband has a removable padded noseband block so you can adjust the fit to suit your horse. The insertable pad gives extra comfort and allows the nostrils to flare fully for maximum performance, fastening with double buckle pads. The balancing top strap moves the cheek straps away from the horses eye and cheek bone whilst also providing stability to the bit and noseband itself. The top strap being fixed has given the noseband extra stability and ease of fit. English leather with padded buckle guards, silver finishings and buckles either side for a perfect fit.

Bigg Comfort Jointed Drop Standard Headpiece Bridle

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