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Bigg Comfort Bitless Multi Bridle


A bitless bridle that is not only very smart but extremely versatile with single and double combinations possible. The bridle pack includes the following; Bigg Comfort standard headpiece. Cheekpieces with combination jaw strap for ultimate stability.


Hackamore noseband with slots to neatly tidy away the ends of the buckle straps. Sidepull noseband with the removable nose pad to adjust the comfort for your horse. U shaped hackamore sides that can also be used upside down depending on your needs, you can also use different hackamore sides on the bridle.


Scawbrig straps and pad that can be used with both the sidepull and hackamore nosebands. The new rolled Crossunder straps with buckle guards which attach to the cheekpieces and extra ring which again can be used with both the sidepull and hackamore nosebands. 3 double buckle pads for fastening. 2 pairs of removable straps to use with both nosebands.


A curved browband which is slightly oversized to decrease any possible pressure on the forehead and eliminate the pulling forward of the headpiece onto the ears. There are 8 variations possible using the included parts, more depending on your creativity! With the addition of a headslip and bitted cheekpieces you can also add a bit onto the bridle, great for those who are transitioning to bitless or feel a combination of bitted and bitless works best for their pony.


If you are in need of assistance with bitless bridles Bigg Comfort is proud to be working with Equine Partnership who as well as selling their fabulous Bitless Masterclass guide work with clients to find a suitable bridle for horse and rider. They offer consultations and trials of various bridles including a full size range of our Bitless Multi Bridle. Please click the link below if this is something you feel you and your equine partner would benefit from!

Bigg Comfort Bitless Multi Bridle V2

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