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BIGG COMFORT STANDARD HEADPIECE (Design registration number 6016620)
Our copyrighted headpiece is designed with ultimate comfort for the horse in mind. 

Standard: The wide area over the poll disperses pressure over a large area. It is supremely cut away from the ears so that the ears can move freely in any direction. The innovative browband padding relieves the head of any irritation pressure or rubbing from the browband and takes pressure away from the face and the sensitive TMJ nerve.

Petite: The petite headpiece has all the same principles of our standard style but a slimmer, neater cut for the more petite shaped head. Perfect if your finer stamp of the horse or if you are looking for an anatomical headpiece without the bulkier poll area. The area over the poll is still wider than the average straight headpiece and disperses pressure over a larger area.

Bigg Comfort Bitless Headpiece

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