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The offset flash noseband has a padded noseband block for ultimate comfort and allows the nostrils to flare fully for maximum performance. The removable flash straps give the option of a quick change when needed, fastened with double buckle pads around the Noseband and flash. The shape at the sides gives the bit room for movement without the noseband interfering or rubbing. The off set flash stops the straps pulling the noseband down creating pressure points on the face. English leather with padded buckle guards, silver finishings and buckles either side for a perfect fit.

This new product for this limited number has 2 options for the removable flash options;

* Both flash sides removable with double buckle pad to fasten. 

* One side removable flash strap and the second side removable with buckle undone by a small screw.

Bigg Comfort Petite Removable Offset Flash Pony

£45.00 Regular Price
£22.50Sale Price
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